Dynamics 365 FO: Export Entity Store to Azure Data Lake

Since version 10 Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations supports the entity store export to Azure data lake. The main benefits are reduced costs because Azure Cloud storage is cheap and easy access for Business Intelligence tools like PowerBI.

If you are running a local development VM, the data connection tab in system parameters ist deactived by default. However, this can be actived using the SysFlighting table.

The configuration is pretty well documented by Microsoft. I’ve performed all the necessary steps and recorded a video:

About erpcoder
Azure Cloud Architect and Dynamics 365 enthusiast working in Research & Development for InsideAx

4 Responses to Dynamics 365 FO: Export Entity Store to Azure Data Lake

  1. Pranav says:

    I am getting this error “An error occurred while connecting to Azure Key Vault” when I click on “Test azure key vault” and “Test azure storage” button.

    For me, the App registration is done by Admin, and the DNS name and secret name is generated and done by my azure Id.

    Can you suggest what could be the issue.

  2. Dane D says:

    Hi Pranav, Did you manage to resolve?

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