Dynamics 365 FO: Export to Datalake

The export to data lake feature in Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM allows you to export data from tables to a storage account. You can directly export tables like CustTable, InventTable, etc. and do not need to put it in entities. Power BI can directly access the datalake and load D365 tables like in the good old times. I’ve published a short video on Youtube:

Donate Crypto – Invest in Peace đŸ’›đŸ’™

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PowerBI dataflow for Self-Service BI

A typical challenge in a BI project is to integrate data from different sources. For example files stored locally, ERP databases, cloud services, etc. On the other hand, PowerBI (desktop) is designed for power users to develop reports quickly. However, power users may have business knowledge but in most cases lack the technical knowledge to integrate all the data they need. With PowerBI dataflow it is possible to break the workload into a technical IT-related part and a business analysis part.

PowerBI dataflow hides the complexity of integrating differnt data sources, but provides an ready-to-use data source for PowerBI desktop. I’ve recorded a video how to integrate Excel expenses from a local folder with Dynamics 365 Sales customers and promote result as certified data source. The power user accesses this promoted data source in the report.


Send SSRS Report per Mail (.xpo Download)

Like requested by some folks, I’ve added the .xpo file for the SSRS Report Mailer in the source code folder: https://erpcoder.blog/source-code/

Don’t get confused, the folders name is “Dynamics 365” but the XPO is for AX 2012

Configure PowerBI on Dynamics 365 FO developer VM

I’ve created a video tutorial how to configure PowerBI on a stand alone Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations developer VM

On Vacation – Tyrol

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