SSRS Error: Dynamic packer query not found

Once again I came across an SSRS error, telling me the dynamic packed query was not found.
\Classes\SRSQueryBuilder\initalize (21)

The environment has 3 AOS, all of them running on one windows server (2712/8101, 2713/8102, 2714/8103) and 3 SSRS instances all running on another windows server. Since default AX voodoo like restart and incremental IL did not resolve the problem, I check and corrected issues following this checklist

In Dynamics AX

  • All AX instances have the BC Proxy account configured as system service account under
    System Administration > Setup > System > System service account
  • Every AX instance has its own SSRS report server configured
    System Administration > Setup > Business Intelligence > Reporting Services > Report Server
  • There is only one default configuration
  • The name (of the windows server) is correct e.g. VM-SRV-SQL
  • The name of the SSRS instance (!) is correct and configured e.g. MSSQLSERER, SSRSLIVE, SSRSTEST,etc.
  • Check the URL (they are in reverse order in the SSRS configuration manager) *argh*
      The report manager url is correct. That’s where you can browse the folder and set permissions
      The report service url is corret. That’s the web service
  • The configuration is assigned to the correct AOS
    Check the online users form if you are not sure which AOS you are actually using

On the SSRS server

  • All SSRS instances are running and all SSRS instances run as BC Proxy account
  • The default configuration (that cannot be changed in the AX configuration utility) is valid
  • The SSRS instances have a valid Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ReportConfiguration.axc.configuration file in the Report Server\bin directory. If you are not sure, create a new configuration using the configuration utility, test the configuration by starting AX, save the configuration as file and replace the old one in the Report Server\Bin directory
  • Make sure the Business Connector configuration has a default company name e.g. DAT
  • Restart the SSRS instances

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