Evolution: Lenovo x100e to Lenovo x121e

I’ve recently purchased a Lenovo x121e with AMD Processor to replace my good old x100e Laptop. In general I’d prefer HP but there are some reasons why I’ve become a fan of Lenovos x100* series.

  • Thinkpad like style, keyboard and quality
  • Excellent driver support
  • Fair price, x121e with AMD processor ~ 370 €
    I’ve decided to buy the AMD version because the dual core CPU and 4 GB RAM are sufficient for working with Office and running Skype. Its much cheaper than the Intel i3 version. The design has been improved, it’s a bit larger than the x100e and got an HDMI port.


However, the x121e AMD version does not have an integrated WWAN module. This may be one reason why its that cheaper compared to the Intel version. Fortunately the old x100e has one (Gobi 2000) that can be transferred to the x121e.

  1. Open the back of both laptops, the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 module is located on the lower left corner
  2. Remove the module from the x100e laptop
    Qualcom Gobi 2000
  3.   Put it in the free x121e slot, fix it and connect both cables
  4. Close the back of the x121e and boot windows. Download the latest Qualcomm Gobi 2000 driver software from Lenovo. Search for x100e drivers, and use the ThinkPad Activation tool for the x121e.