Can Paginated Reports ease Dynamics 365 FO report development?

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management uses SQL Server Reporting Services for reporting and document generation. In 2022 Microsoft included SSRS (aka. Paginated Reports) in PowerBI Pro license. One may ask if it is possible to use PowerBI Paginated Reports as well for reporting purpose in Dynamics 365 F/SCM.

X++ SSRSPowerBI Paginated Reports
+ Direct access to transaction DB
+ Business logic in X++
+ Integrated with Dynamics 365 FO

– Complex development
– Embedded in Dynamics 365 FO deployment cycle
+ Simple development using Report Builder
+ Integrated with Business Intelligence
+ Reuse existing data models

– Limited development possibilities
– No direct data access
Pros and Cons for Paginated Reports
SSRS vs. Paginated Report
Side-to-side comparison SSRS X++ report vs. PowerBI Paginated Report

Data Access

Paginated reports in PowerBI have only a limited capability to access data. There is no Dynamics 365 FO connector or OData access to entities. You could use different approaches to get Dynamics 365 FO data.

Access data from Paginated Reports


Paginated reports are designed by using the Report Builder. It is an adapted version of the SSRS Report Builder with some more data access features. In theory you could develop an SSRS report using Visual Studio and upload the .RDL file. However, PowerBI Paginated Reports are a limited version of SSRS and you might get errors.

Paginated Reports - Report Builder for PowerBI


Paginated Reports are a reduced SSRS feature in PowerBI. The Report Builder is very limited. You can define data access, defined parameters and place data on the report sheet. If you want to create printable documents without real-time requirement the Paginated Reports may be an option for you.

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