Send SSRS Report as Email

The SSRS Report Viewer in AX 2012 does not have a built in Email function. However, there are some implementations available to add an email button in SharePoint or ASP.NET pages, e.g. Codeproject . The idea is simple, save the report as PDF, open outlook email and add the PDF file as attachment. Follow these steps to implement an Email button for Dynamics AX.

In the AOT add a reference to the Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms DLL. It contains the SRS Report Viewer class. The DLL can be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\ReportViewer. Make sure you are using the corresponding assembly version as your SQL Server.

Open the SrsReportViewer Form in the AOT, and add a button to the ButtonGroup. Call it “SendReport”.


Add the following Code to the clicked method:

void clicked()
    Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Frameworks.Controls.ReportViewer.AxReportViewer axviewer;
    Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer nviewer;
    Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.LocalReport report;
    System.Exception ex;
    System.Array bytear;
    System.Object no;
    System.IO.File file;
    str tmpPath;
    System.IO.FileStream fs;
    SmmOutlookEmail smmOutlookEmail = new SmmOutlookEmail();

    axviewer = AxReportViewer.control();
    nviewer = axviewer.get_ReportViewerControl();
        //render as PDF
        report = nviewer.get_ServerReport();
        bytear = report.Render("PDF");
        no = bytear;

        //path to temp. files
        tmpPath = System.IO.Path::GetTempPath();
        tmpPath = tmpPath + "report.pdf";

        //save to file
        fs = System.IO.File::Create(tmpPath);

        //open outlook email
        if (smmOutlookEmail.createMailItem())

        ex = CLRInterop::getLastException();

Save, Compile and open a report. Enlarge the “Options” and you’ll see the new Email button.


By clicking the Email button, the report is rendered as PDF, stored locally in your temp. files and attached to a new outlook email.


This is a very simple implementation. You may add more customizations, e.g. take the report parameters into account to initialize the TO and CC Email fields.

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5 Responses to Send SSRS Report as Email

  1. yercar says:

    Hi Markus, thanks for your post. I have a question, do you know how hide botton “save” in the ssrsreportviewer for only one report?

  2. casperkamal says:

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the post. I think SRSReportRunController can also be directly used to send emails. Look at this post from the MS BI team

  3. Donatas says:

    Hello Markus,

    Very helpful post indeed! I just like to add that at least in my case the Reference DLL’s name was Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, thus changing code to the following:

    Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportViewer nviewer;
    Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.LocalReport report;

    Kind regards,

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