SSRS: Error when opening design of duplicated report

When you duplicate an SSRS Dynamics AX 2012 report in Visual Studio, and you try to open the design node you may get an error message like “object instance not set to an object”. The reason is that the data set parameters contain the name of the report e.g. SalesQuotation. Now that you have duplicated the report its name is CopyOfSalesQuotation and the report is broken.

Broken parameter in duplicated SSRS report

Compiling the report project brings up a list of errors.

Errors when compiling a duplicated report

Navigate to each data set parameter and change the name of the report to match the new name e.g. CopyOfSalesQuotation instead fo SalesQuotation

Broken parameter in duplicated report

The fixed parameter should look like this

Dynamics AX 2012 duplicated report data set parameter

Finally the report designer is working

Dynamics AX 2012 duplicated report in report designer

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One Response to SSRS: Error when opening design of duplicated report

  1. DAX Developer says:

    There is a workaround:

    1. Create a new report in aot, export the new report AND the existing report you need to copy, then open both XPOs in notepad,

    2. Copy the NAME from your new report xpo and REPLACE ALL the name in existing report xpo with your new name,

    3. Copy the ORIGIN (a long key in curly braces)from your new xpo and replace all it in existing report xpo.

    4. Copy the report business logic reference from your new file to existing(if any), then import the new modified existing xpo in aot,

    This will create a working duplicate of existing report

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