Visualize DocuRef notes in grid

With Dynamics AX you can attach document references like Word files, Excel sheets, mail, fax and notes to any displayed record. The icon to do so can be found in the forms toolbar. Unfortunately it’s hard to discover if a document is attached to a record. Therefore it’s helpful to display an icon in the overview grid to indicate attached documents.

document references

Create a new Integer extended data type called DocuRefIcon and label it with Documents (@SYS124737). Set the help text to Document Handling (@SYS22623).

Add a display method showDocuRefIcon() to the CustTable. Document references use a RefTableId and RefRecId to reference any record in Dynamics. If there is a document reference for the current CustTable record return resource id 3028 otherwise return id 0.

//BP deviation documented
display DocuRefIcon showDocuRefIcon()
        return 3028;
    return 0;

Open the CustTable form and a new icon to the Overview grid. Set width and height properties to 16. Set CustTable as datasource and showDocuRefIcon as data method. Save and open the form. Attach a document reference to a customer and you’ll see a notes icon in the new grid column.

document handling icon in custtable grid

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  1. Frank Bruemmer says:

    Danke, der Artikel war sehr hilfreich.

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