Conduction Research in an SME Company: A Discussion of Success Factors and Risks; Nöbauer M., Seyff N., EPIC 2011

SME companies in the ERP domain are facing several challenges such as the functional growth of systems. Solving these problems is sometimes difficult as no off-the-shelf solutions exist. This also means that selected prob-lems provide an excellent opportunity for applied research. In this paper, we de-scribe the S³C research project which was conducted by an SME company in the ERP domain. We present the objectives and the outcomes of the project but also focus on a discussion on how the project was conducted. Particularly, the contribution of this paper is a discussion of lessons learned from conducting re-search in SME companies. We highlight success factors and risks which pro-vide a guideline for SME companies in conducting research.

Presented at 3rd Workshop on Leveraging Empirical Research Results for Software Business Success; EPIC 2011 in Brüssel. EPIC’11 Workshop

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Software Engineer and Dynamics AX enthusiast working in Research & Development for InsideAx

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